Can't seem to find the right part?

The part names used by salvage yard interchange may be different than what the shop manuals or your buddies call parts. For example, you might want a rear differential for a Mustang. If your Mustang has independent rear suspension, then the part is called a "carrier assembly" by the interchange. If your Mustang has a solid axle then it is called an "axle assembly." Below are some common parts that may have different names than you are used to.

Hogshead, Differential, Pumpkin, 3rd Member

All 3 of these are carrier assemblies. The first 2 are out of cars and the last one is the front on a 4wd pickup truck. Some cars like a AWD Charger have both a front and a rear. However, both are found as a part name "Carrier Assembly."

Rear End, Axle, Diff

This is called an "Axle Assembly RR" for the rear and an "Axle Assembly FR" in the front of a solid axle 4wd truck.

Sway Bar, Anti Roll Bar

This is called a "Stabilizer Bar."

Instrument Cluster, Guages, Dash

This is called a "Speedometer Head/Cluster."

Head Unit, Radio, Amp

Any thing to do with audio systems can be found either in "Radio Audio" or " Info-GPS-TV Screen." Also many radio control panels also contain the Heater and A/C controls so these are often found under Radio Audio or Info-gps-tv screen. If they are separate, look for "Temperature Control."

Rims, Tire Rim

These are listed as "wheel."


This one is called "Spoiler Rear."

Trunk Panel

This part mounts to the trunklid between the taillights. It is called a "Tail Finish Panel."

Wheel Hub, Knuckle

This on the front and is called a "Spindle."

Rear Wheel Hub, Rear Knuckle, Rear Spindle

These are called "Stub Axle Rear."

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