LS3 Swap Kit 6.2L 426HP and 420LB-FT


Current Lead Times: 6 months

This LS3 Swap Kit features a swap ready turnkey engine out of a Corvette, Camaro, G8 GXP, and others. It is a LS3 6.2L rated at 426 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque from the factory. The standard option is guaranteed less than 100,000 miles. Please choose your choice of transmission below as well as other optional upgrades. The VIN from your donor vehicle will be provided to you. This combination is perfect for any restomod, sleeper, or street/strip car.

The standard mileage we offer is less than 100,000 miles. You can order with more miles for a discount or less miles for an addiction cost.
Do you need a transmission or have you already got one set aside for your LS swap project? Choose the perfect transmission for your swap project! Choose between the factory 6-speed manual TR6060 or an aftermarket 4L65E 4 speed transmission that requires no tunnel cut. The aftermarket 4L65E will include a new torque converter and proper tuning.
We can either upgrade the factory cam in your LS engine to a custom cam and valve springs including a trunnion upgrade specific to your build. This includes parts and installation!
Want to get a complete custom tune for maximum power, efficiency, and drivability out of your engine and transmission? Worried about not finding a reputable tuner in your local area? We can get you covered!
Do you want a fresh oil pump in your swap kit? This will add assurance to you getting a long life out of your engine!
We will install the Small Block Chevy to LS conversion oil pan onto your LS swap kit so it will fit into your classic Chevy with no fitment issues from the factory LS oil pan! This includes parts and installation!


Current Lead Times: 6 months

Your kit will be set up similar like this:

This kit includes:

  • Turnkey LS3 6.2L engine 426HP 420 Ft-Lbs Standard less than 100,000 miles
  • Flashed ECM – VATS removed
  • OBD2/DLC connector (wired up and ready to be used to tune)
  • Stand-Alone wiring harness
  • Fuel Pump (pre-wired for ease of installation)
  • Radiator
  • Cooling Fans (pre-wired for ease of installation)
  • Turnkey pallet (ready to run by adding battery and fuel cell)
  • Pallet + Wood (good for burning and having a nice bonfire after you have completed your swap)
  • Fresh oil change